TROOFAL, A One Stop Place For All Your Needs

“Turning great ideas into meaningful brands”
This is the first quote you would see on entering our domain and is something you would carry with you throughout and after your association with us.

Hello, we are TROOFAL, a design and development company with specialization in multi arena domain. We our project and services are multi platform and ranges such as mobile development, web designs and general developments.
With 300 clients, 500 projects and 100+ brands, we are a young yet professional and experienced venture that aim at only one thing- satiate your need. We are a one stop solution arena for all your corporate needs such as web design and development with unique and creative ideas or may be a menial yet important job such as design of corporate visiting card. Nothing is small for us and we give prominent importance to your needs.

We help you out at all nodes and notches such as:

Corporate training
Strategic planning
Web design
Digital marketing
Graphic design
Hire developers

But there is more we even loom and zoom into other products such as digital marketing, branding, interior designing and a lot more. And we create successful, innovative digital products from the initial concept through full product launch.
Further on we have multiple verticals beneath us such as 3dAim, Brijfalet, Plannpick, chessaim etc which are multifaceted platforms which provides services such as virtual development of buildings, astrology, planning of agricultural resources, technological solutions and a strive to make chess known.

Hence, think no more, help us to enable and serve you. Would you like to know more? We are just a call or ping away. Call us at +91-45151375/+9132090000 or drop a line at

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