founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

At 5 years old: He lost his father

From 16-22: He dropped out of school. He was fired from 4 jobs. He got married and became a railroad conductor. He became a father to a little girl. His wife left him and took their 1 year old baby daughter with her. He joined army, applied to law school and faced rejection after rejection from school and jobs he was at. He then became an insurance salesman. Another failure to be added to his messy resume.

He decided to be a cook and dishwasher at small cafe

At 65:  he retired, and on the first day of retirement. The check was from the government for $105. He then felt like committing suicide, sat under tree writing suicide letter all of sudden a thought has come, there is no way to change my life, then he realized there is a lot more to do, he has to do something different from others, He borrowed $87 to buy a fryer and his recipe’s ingredients.

He lived on his unique recipe, he was again rejected 1009 times. The 1010th restaurant gave his moment and KFC was born, At 88: he became a multi-billionaire.

Colonel Sanders was the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), which emerged as a fast-food sensation in the 1960s. He left home as a young lad, and did a variety of jobs including that of a farm help, conductor, railroad fireman, salesman and a soldier in the U.S Army, but found it difficult to keep a job for long. He began cooking chicken for customers at his service station in Corbin, Kentucky, during the height of the Great Depression. After years of experimentation, he achieved his secret mix of 11 herbs and spices. The pressure cooker, a novelty at that time, was used by him for cooking the chicken. It reduced the preparation time and enabled him to serve more customers. He was given the honorific title ‘Colonel’—something he took seriously, and would dress in a typical fashion. Later, he franchised Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants around the country. In 1964, when he sold his share in the company – it already had 600 outlets nationwide and some abroad. He continued to be associated with the company as its spokesman and brand ambassador. He published his autobiography, ‘Life As I Have Known It Has Been Finger Licking’ Good’. Now, over a billion of his “finger lickin’ good” chicken is served every year, in more than 80 countries.

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