Impact of Influencer Marketing in Today’s World

digital marketing trends 2020

Impact of Influencer Marketing in Today’s World

People always look up to someone in their life. We follow our favorite people. We want to know everything about them, everything they do. This doesn’t end here. We follow their lifestyle. We adapt to those things. These trends impact the change in the digital marketing trends in 2020.

Now if I tell you, all of these are a part of marketing culture, you aren’t going to believe me. Trust me, that’s where Influencer Marketing steps in. 

Whereas traditional marketing recognizes influencers to be celebrities. These personalities, nowadays has seen a new face of influencers. It was starting from Instagram to YouTube having a mass reach. 

What is Influencer Marketing and How to Identify One?

Influencer marketing is not ‘Celebrity endorsements’ but the collaboration of marketers. It is done with popular people and organizations to promote products. Then customers will get attracted watching their ads. They have social influence in their respective field. These people hold the power to have a mass reach.

Influencers are similar to us and that’s why we trust them. They put relevant points and relatable examples. Also, they influence an individual’s choices. Regarding a certain product, they influence. They are also termed to be ‘persuaders’. 

The Impact

But the question remains: how do they have a mass reach?

Think about it. It may have happened that someone, from known maybe your friend, or family. They have told you about a brand which they brought. You will check that particular brand with no doubt. Traditional Marketers used this strategy. This is known as Word of Mouth trick to sell their products.

Few days back, Amazon, one of India’s most trusted e-tailer sites has launched a new program. The program is called Amazon Influencers. They give opportunities to rising influencer. The tie-up provide them to engage with brands. Also, to promote them over their social media accounts. 

Brand Awareness 

When endorsing brands, an influencer can persuade their faithful followers. It helps brands to buy their certain product. It can be done through engagement, storytelling skills, and much more.

One can surely make the people aware and they can pass on honest reviews to gain their trust. Their credibility is worth. This also generates significant ROI for the marketers. It helps the people who engage with the influencer to promote their brand. 

Mass Reach  

With the emerging platforms such as Instagram, YouTube,etc. The practice of Hashtags, social media marketing has evolved. It has given a platform for marketers to reach more consumers. Thus, increase in demand of internet celebrities. Activities done online can influence one’s decision when buying a product. 

Marketers now build their strategies online leaving behind traditional means. With extending their motto, they establish long term relationships with their consumers. These influencer act as ‘Middle-man’. They establish loyalty between the seller and the buyer. Moreover, interaction changes the purchasing pattern.


Whether its fashion or lifestyle, food, or gadgets, everything revolves around influencer. We may skip an Ad, but we will never skip a post from our favorite influencer. And that’s how Influencer marketing is impacting a consumer pocket.

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