Social Media Stories: The Marketers’ go-to marketing tool

Social media has great stories to tell! It is the thing that binds us all together. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a student or a designer or even a photographer; no matter what you do, your job is to tell a story. What you say and how you say it is what matters.

The impact of social media on society plays an important role which makes us wonder if it is worth our time. However, we all share an interesting relationship with social media. It’s Love and hate. As much as we want to leave it, we are dependent on it for many things like information, business, etc. 

Social media as a marketing tool

We can agree that it has evolved over the years. And now it isn’t just a story-telling digital platform or a safe space where people can connect. It has become an essential marketing tool, and great story-telling is what makes the real impact on people and ensures constant engagement.

It is one of the biggest influencers in our life that is why Social Media has become the ultimate marketing tool for business.

  • Boosts customer engagement.
  • It increases brand loyalty.
  • It reaches a vast audience.
  • Helps in creating a brand image. 
  • It helps to build your marketplace, etc.

Social media stories and their importance

We can create a page, make compelling social media posts and do what not to increase engagement. However, we forget to make use of the most engaging tool that social media provides us; Stories. 

In the race of thousands of new and established businesses, only a few make it big because of the content they make and how they use the power of Social Media.  

It as a marketing tool enhances brand awareness, and more than that, it helps organisations identify their target audience on a larger scale. Social platforms have now become a retail avenue for brands, and the content is what sells, as a result, increases brand awareness.

It takes an enormous amount of time to figure out how to tell your story in just a few words because we are living in a culture where we are always short on TIME! A customer only gives you a few seconds before he’ll move on. 

It is where stories come in! They are highlights or teasers that enchant the customer and makes them want to engage with the brand. 

How can businesses benefit from stories?

  • As a business, you must remember that you are catering to a crowd of Millenials. Social media stories have proven as a trendsetter for marketers. 
  • The idea behind stories is to provide digestible content that is short-lived but manages to boost the constant engagement of your business. 
  • It is efficient and provides highlights that spread brand awareness
  • Stories are visible for a few seconds, and so they show the real you to the customer. It is essential to make the customer feel welcomed and a part of a big happy family. 
  • Stories help you provide the relevant content and share your company’s culture with the audience. 
  • Social media stories help you be authentic and fun and just be yourself. 

At last, you need to keep sharing stories. Be innovative and most of all, be a good storyteller, and your business will succeed.

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