Is it safe to use Black Hat SEO techniques?

Black hat SEO


SEO stands for Search Engine optimization. It is a process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic websites. The techniques that deceive Google and its guidelines are known as Black Hat SEO techniques. These kinds of technique help in increasing traffic of websites by violating the guidelines.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is a collection of practices that helps in increasing a website’s rank in search engines. It is carried out through ways that are against the terms and conditions of the search engine. So, if you use black hat SEO strategies, your site can get banned. Consequently, it is a disapproved practice. 

A complete list of strategies that are employed by some black hat SEO developers is criticized on Google’s guidelines for a webmaster. Hence, the black hat is a term for bad guys. In this article, we will tell you about this technique and why we should not use them.

Black Hat SEO Tactics:

The tactics given below are black hat tactics and must not be practised:-

  • Hidden texts
  • Cloaking
  • Link Schemes
  • Article spinning
  • Reporting a competitor
  • Doorway pages
  • Malicious behaviour within pages
  • Duplicate content
  • Invisible text
  • Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing: It is a black hat technique that is no longer applicable. Search engines easily detect this strategy. It involves overusing keywords to maximize its visibility. 

Invisible text: It means to implement white text in your content. This technique makes the keyword invisible to the visitor. Search engines detect these very quickly.

Duplicate content: It includes the copying of content. It refers to blocks of content that look similar to different sources. 

Article spinning: This technique is similar to duplicating content. It takes the copied source and rephrases it. Therefore, the modification makes it challenging for any plagiarism tool to detect.

Why should we avoid Black Hat technique?

It gets your website banned from Google and only leads to short term success. It would help if you searched for some alternate techniques to improve the performance of your website. Black hat techniques are risky to practice. As a result, the owner has to pay for negative SEO, and it lowers the rank of the website as well.

Black Hat SEO is a shortcut to improve the rankings. It helps to gain more visibility in search and can lead to your site disappearing from the search results. As a result, it creates an unsatisfying and misleading experience for audiences along with making the brand look untrustworthy. 

White Hat SEO:

White Hat SEO follows the rules and regulations made by Google to boost the ranking of the website. We must focus on developing a white hat SEO plan because it will give your website long-term results.

Black hat technique of optimisation is an unethical strategy. So, it can permanently decrease your website’s visibility. White Black Hat SEO is not illegal, and it follows all the guidelines of the webmaster. Hence, all of us must try not to indulge in such techniques.

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