Impact of Shoppable Posts on the Growth of Digital Marketing in 2020

Impact of Shoppable Posts on the Growth of Digital Marketing in 2020

The year 2020 is introducing us to a lot of new marketing trends. Shoppable posts are new trend. Some of the current trends that people still follow are-


Chatbots are an automatic medium of personalized help. But, the year 2020 is making some new inventions in chatbots technology by making them more compelling. You will see some major changes that you have never seen before.

Voice Search

Digital assistants such as Alexa and Siri are highly based on voice search. SEO completely focuses on keywords. These keywords can help you use digital assistants.

Video Marketing

These days video posting has become a very easy method for marketing. People are highly attracted to watching a video that has some creative content. Therefore, brands can make new innovations in the video marketing field and take the benefit of technology.

What are Shoppable Posts?

A shoppable post looks like any other shopping post where the products are displayed for sale and there are links and tags to the seller’s website on it. They are a good medium for instant sales.

For a very long time now, businesses are after attracting their customers via social networks and driving them to their online stores. In this era of the year 2020, brands are all about popularity. The more popular the brands are the more customers are willing to try it.

Social commerce or Shoppable posts help you in purchasing a product directly through social posts on social networks or advertising. You do not need to go to the website specifically for ordering that particular product.

Such posts that allow you to place an order directly on the social network sites are not something that’s new. But since the introduction of Instagram Checkout in 2019, this trend has quickly attracted more and more customer attention.

Having shoppable posts on your social media pages is quite reasonable because shoppable posts are the new trends Around 54% of people on social media use these posts for monitoring the products they wish to buy. They may or may not visit the site, but they will actually check it on their social media. Therefore, selling products via social media directly reduces the chances of unfinished purchases.

Moreover, you do not have to be an established e-commerce brand. If you have a number of products till date, you can get higher profits by selling it through social media.

Shoppable Posts and Digital Marketing in 2020

Even though the introduction to shoppable posts on social media are two years old now, 2020 will witness a big explosion in this trend. This may be primarily because of easier and out of the box integrations with third-party apps. 

A brand can also take up marketing with testimonies with the help of shoppable posts on Instagram or any other social media platform. As the number of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest users is growing day by day, customers will buy through feeds, and stories is also increasing. 

All the e-commerce businesses are realizing what impact social can have on their online sales through increased traffic. These social posts do attract the customers to the extent that they actually end up buying stuff from the online store. They may visit the website, but social media is something one checks on a very frequent basis. It also has a very good impact on a person’s will to buy something.

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