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Don’t know where things went wrong? Has this ever happened to you that you went for an interview fully confident and well versed with your work but didn’t get hired? And you have no idea about where you went wrong and it just shakes your confidence.

What if we tell you that if you interview for us we will tell you where it went wrong? What if we give you a feedback that tells you exactly how your interview went? And what if we told you that we have an entire portal that will analyze different aspects of your interview and gives you a score based on the interaction?

I am sure the curiosity to know how well you did and what more you need to do to make yourself better will make you read more.

We at Troofal Interactive presents “Troovalue” to you. A scorecard for each candidate after they are all done with the interview for their self-evaluation. Yes a feedback score card that will judge you and tell you if you are hirable or not.

“Troovalue” is a feature that will help the young job seekers know where they are lacking and improve that particular skill to get any job they want. What better than the interviewer telling you exactly where you went wrong and what you need to work on.

You can see how good or bad you are from different criterias and can go ahead and just get those obstacles out of your way.


The parameters on which the Troovalue depends are:

  1. Resume Quality: A resume is a mirror of your entire experience and personality. A candidate is judged on the basis of their resume. How well you have defined your qualifications, how well you have written your work experience without giving too much information but the essentials is considered. How well versed you are with your resume also counts.
  1. Personality: In this round we examine the candidate’s personality. How you react to different situations and handle yourself is what you will be evaluated on.
  1. Communication skills: How well you explain your work and skills in a face to face conversation is a very important aspect. If you know your work you will be confident in explaining and talking about it and that’s what you’ll be judged upon.
  1. Presentation skills: In this round we examine what is your approach in explaining the projects as well as your intentions for the considering job. Knowing your work is different than presenting your work. Confidence plays a key role in clearing this round.
  1. Technical skills: After the presentation skills, it’s all about what you actually know. The more technologies you are comfortable with and the more work experience you have, more points will be granted to you.
  1. Telephonic conversation: This round helps us to see how patient and to the point you are while on a telephonic conversation.
  1. Miscellaneous skills: Leadership skills, teamwork, good coordination with the team members are not used for evaluation but are always appreciated while working in corporate world.

After all these evaluation rounds we rate each candidate on a scale of 1-10 according to their capabilities displayed and then take its average to find the Troovalue of each candidate. If you get more than 5 Congratulations! You are hirable. Don’t be disheartened if you get less than 5 though, just brush up your skills and you will be good to go. Just simply go to the portal and get your troovalue and start working on yourself.


Troofal Interactive has started a #BeABrand campaign. We have initiated this to make students more hirable and industry ready.

We aim to make these students so legitimate that they are no longer dependent on their prior institutes for the placement. We aim to make these students so skilled that companies on latest technologies have to have them. Our vision is to make the students future industry ready and make the country a breeding ground for future technological entrepreneurs.

If  you want to be the part of this campaign, feel free to let us know. Drop us a mail at For more information please visit


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