The gap between industry and academia explained by Troofal Interactive

Living in an age of constant innovation, we are bombarded with new content every day and while some fail to make the mark, others catch on like wildfire.  To help you understand the new technologies better, Troofal Interactive is conducting a Live, Interactive Master Tutorial on You Tube channel, Troofal Interactive, designed to help IT students to become future ready.

We at Troofal, have taken the initiative to make the youth future ready and employable. There is a prominent gap between the industry requirements and the academic curriculum, and to bridge this gap, we have launched #BeABrand campaign.

In this live online interactive session, Mr. Hardeep Singh Mehta – CEO, Troofal Interactive will share the story of his experiments with Troofal Interactive resulting in a huge success.

Gone are the times where you could rely on one technology to fetch you a good job and package. You need to pace up with the technology trends.

Adapt or die. Right?

We won’t just help you learn new languages, develop your coding skills & make you future ready, but we also improve your communication and presentation skills, because a software coder who has good personality is the need of the hour. Some of our features include:-

  • Industry Standard Framework design
  • Collaboration Framework
  • Personal Branding
  • Incubation Programme
  • Live Coding
  • Placement Responsibility

We are here to help you become future ready. We have a vision to make India future ready.

Be a part of the campaign. Become a Brand. Achieve what you always wanted to.

Troofal Interactive has started a #BeABrand campaign. We have initiated this to make students more hirable and industry ready.

We aim to make these students so legitimate that they are no longer dependent on their prior institutes for the placement. We aim to make these students so skilled that companies on latest technologies have to have them. Our vision is to make the students future industry ready and make the country a breeding ground for future technological entrepreneurs.

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