Industry Standard Framework

Industry skill standards benchmark what individuals need to know and perform to be successful on the job. The industry standards describe the primary knowledge, skills, and abilities in which individuals must be proficient to meet performance requirements and expectations in the workplace. Industry standards help maintain consistency, quality, and transparency across industry and academic training programs and help employers measure workforce performance.

The standards give individuals industry-certified, in-demand skills and help employers identify qualified talent. The industry standards are developed and validated by industry. Troofal Interactive helps the students to learn the standards of industry. We at Troofal have those resources which help the students to gain those standards of industry.

#BeABrand, an initiative taken by Troofal Interactive. We have started a training campaign a student industry ready and more hirable. Our vision is to make the students future industry ready and make the country a breeding ground for future technological entrepreneurs. We are making them learn those technologies that are currently in the market and will be there for the next 2 decades. We help students gain experience in collaboration.

If  you want to be the part of this campaign, feel free to let us know. Drop us a mail at For more information please visit


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