How Troofal Helps IT Students To Grow In The Industry

Whenever someone thinks about doing a certification course, naturally, the next question which arises in the mind is that will it really help me? Will this certification course make me industry ready? Is it worth the money that I am going to invest? And there are many other questions that arise in the mind.

Now let’s address those questions as they arise; Yes, the Troofal Certification Course will help you to become industry ready because you get to be trained by the industry experts who will give you industry insights like the current trends in the industry and what could likely be the future trends.

Yes, it’s going to be worth every penny that you’ve invested. You get a bang for your buck because our motive is not to make money, but to make our students future ready. The sessions are held by faculty that has many years of experience in the industry and know all about the technology. So, you have the benefit of learning straight from the Horse’s mouth. Each student gets individual attention and there are Live Coding Sessions held for we believe it is practical knowledge and the Do-It-Yourself approach that bridges the gap between the academic course and the industry trends.

You get a lot of Practical exposure, because when you’re out there in the office, your practical exposure will help you more than what you’ve simple read on the internet or the classroom.

We have a variety of courses to offer like:


  • Git
  • JavaScript
  • Html,CSS3,Bootstrap
  • Jquery
  • Deployment
  • NodeJS


  • Mongo DB
  • AngularJS
  • NodeJS
  • Express



  • AngularJS
  • IonicJS


  • ReactJS
  • React Native

Troofal Interactive has started a #BeABrand campaign. We have initiated this to make students more hirable and industry ready.

We aim to make these students so legitimate that they are no longer dependent on their prior institutes for the placement. We aim to make these students so skilled that companies on latest technologies have to have them.

If  you want to be the part of this campaign, feel free to let us know. Drop us a mail at For more information please visit


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