Employability: Industry Needs & Student Capabilities

Many graduates are struggling to find work due to increasing competition and fewer openings for new recruits. Concurrently, companies say that they cannot find graduates with the ‘right’ skills.

Today’s talents need to be able to cross boundaries, invent new jobs and new skills as they go along. Most initiatives which aim to connect the world of industry with upcoming student talent are mainly expertise-focused, for example, providing guest lecturers  etc but Troofal Interactive decided to play it differently, focusing on how the gap between employer needs and student capabilities may be bridged, not at institutional level but directly, between students and companies.

The Troofal Interactive works to enable students to realise and articulate their skills, by connecting them with companies, informing them of employer expectations, and offering career skills workshops such as live coding sessions, incubation programme, CV building and interview skills.

There is a prominent gap between the industry requirements and the academic curriculum, and to bridge this gap, we have launched #BeABrand campaign. We will help a selected number of students to learn the technologies that are not just in practice today but will also be used for the next 2 decades. We, at Troofal, have initiated #BeABrand campaign to make students more employable and industry ready.

We won’t just help you learn new languages, develop your coding skills & make you future ready, but we will also improve your communication and presentation skills, because a technical person who has good personality is the need of the hour. We are here to help you become future ready. We have a vision to make India future ready.

Be a part of the campaign. Become a Brand. Achieve what you always wanted to.If  you want to be the part of this campaign, feel free to let us know. Drop us a mail at For more information please visit


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