95% Of Engineers Are Unemployable

Did you know that a staggering 95% of the engineering graduates are not employable?

According to the National Employability Report by Aspiring Minds, only some of the students are able to get IT jobs, 60% of the students remain unemployed. Many of those who do manage to get a job, take up roles of IT admins and the data entry jobs. Only 14.6% of the students are employable in an IT services companies.

While IT engineering students perceive that textbook knowledge and outdated coding language knowledge is enough to get them a job, the current IT industry expectation trends speak differently.

IT companies expect a student to have:

  • Knowledge beyond the textbooks
  • Staying updated with the current technology trends in the market
  • Good communication skills
  • The ability to lead

When it comes to IT engineers, most engineering graduates fail to apply the basic principles to solve real world problems. One of the major reasons of not being able to write codes and applying basic principles is lack of practical application and the old curriculum taught in colleges which further expands the between the industry trends and classroom teaching.

We aim to make these students so skilled that companies on latest technologies have to have them. Our vision is to make the students future industry ready and make the country a breeding ground for future technological entrepreneurs.

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