Know The Top 5 Off-Page SEO Techniques

SEO is not only about keywords, as any novice in this field would doubt. It expands itself around on-page and off-page search engine optimization too. Most of the SEO marketers and smart bloggers usually start with on-page SEO and often mistake off-page to be about links only.

Off-page SEO is much more than just links. It’s about increasing the reach and involvement of your website by the use of brand mentions or URL. It involves every activity that your website involves into, ‘away’ from your website to increase ranking and traffic onto the site.

Now, let us look at the top 5 ways of off-page SEO.

Build A Brand Name

We all are aware of the fact that there is no dearth of false information about all the topics on the web. So, to make people visit your site, it is first of all important to make people have trust in your brand. If your brand has a trustworthy name, it is more likely to have more traffic, even if it is not on the top. This directly means that somewhere brand quality plays an important role in increasing reach and traffic on your site than a good SEO does.

By running ads or by creating podcasts, you can increase awareness about your content. At last, it is the quality of the content that defines your brand.

Guest Posts And Email Outreach

All you need is to find some other pages that match your niche or are related to the same. Reach out to them and ask for putting links to your blogs on their sites. When any reader will click on the link, he will be taken to your site which will eventually increase your reach.

But, again the question here may arise- why would someone do that? Simply, this will help the readers at their site with some extra, helpful content. Another way of doing this can be to help other bloggers find some broken links. This will definitely induce them to add the new links to the websites, remaining the broken ones. Here, you have a perfect shot. You can offer your links, which will help both the parties!

Increase Your Presence On Blogs And Forums

This way of SEO marketing is an old way of taking readers to your site now! This may even annoy many readers and you may end up getting bad comments. So, what can save you from such negative reviews? You need to make sure that your suggestions in the forums, etc. should be useful and should help the readers, while cleverly taking them to your site.

Niche Directories Can Help

To increase traffic and reach of your site, you can submit the blogs to some directories. I must tell you that many directories are fake and you must analyze their submission process and general reviews before you submit your work. This may take time but can surely help your site from drowning.

You can check into the businesses they are involved in. If they are trustworthy, surely that directory cannot be spammy!

Social Presence

Social media is the hot technology under great use. So, to increase awareness about your brand or site, what can be better than doing it through social media! This may not directly help increase your Google ranking, but can definitely help with the awareness and traffic through social shares.

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